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Accountability Works

Accountability Works

Information on our campaign on accountability, transparency and involvement

What is Accountability Works?

Our 2010 research "Accountability Works" calls for more joined-up systems of accountability at local level, to reduce duplication and costs and to improve transparency for the public. In a world of increased financial constraints, there is pressure for public servants to work in very different and more innovative ways. Commissioning, outsourcing, asset transfer to community groups, joint ventures, through pooled budgets and under shared management, all require different forms of innovative and non-bureaucratic governance, including strong systems of accountability, to provide assurance to the general public.

Accountability, however, is not simple. A range of people, organisations and system together hold each other to account in a "web" of accountability that can be difficult to understand and unravel. Our viewpoint is that this web is an asset - it emphasises the collective responsibility of a range of people to work together, to challenge and support each other, and to deliver what should be seamless and high-quality services to the general public.

Accountability Works For You

We have translated the principles of Accountability Works into a practical guide called  "Accountability Works For You" which provides a framework to help you put some of our ideas into practice. It's based on significant research and fieldwork over the course of 2011 and 2012 and has been used by a number of organisations to improve both the way that they make decisions but also their responsiveness to change, and how they use accountability to learn lessons for the future.

Last updated 12/9/13