School improvement

How does CfPS support better student outcomes and school improvement?

Changes to national education policy and the move to turn all schools in to academies bring challenges to maintaining oversight of education standards in local areas. 

CfPS works with different parts of the education system to promote and support the way governance and scrutiny can improve outcomes.  We work directly with schools (and clusters) using a six step model to help schools become more transparent, accountable and inclusive. 

We also support councils and councillors to navigate the complex world of school improvement. Our practical work and  research on school accountability has shown how good relationships between elected councillors and their local schools can have a positive impact on school improvement and student outcomes. 

Nationally we are campaigning for transparency and openness of school accountability with an emphasis on the democratic mandate elected officials have and that they should continue to play an informal role in school improvement. We believe schools need clarity in their governance structure and for all parents to be involved in, and informed about, school accountability.

Written by Su Turner | | 01248 256 455

About the Author: Su Turner

As Director for Children and Young People, Su leads CfPS’ projects and policy development relating to children’s safeguarding, school improvement and public involvement.Su has a wealth of experience in supporting councillors and officers in local children’s system to effectively deliver their scrutiny and governance roles.


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