Governance and devolution: charting the way

Written by Ed Hammond

Devolution is of interest to everyone in local government. This CfPS publication explores some of the common challenges around governance and devolution and how a number of areas have tried to resolve them. The research highlighted a number of key issues for devolved areas – principally the need for a clear sense for each local area to understand the rational underpinning devolution, and the existence of a “sequence” for the devolution process, at each point of which a space has to be found for scrutiny by the public and by elected members. 

This report will be of specific interest for those with a responsibility for managing the establishment of a combined authority, for developing detailed governance arrangements on a devolution deal, for overseeing or scrutinising the devolution deal process, and for a wider group of councillors, council officers, partners, and interested citizens. 

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Solving the puzzle: scrutiny’s value to health challenges

Written by Tim Gilling

Health and social care are urgent public policy priorities. Councils, through their social care, public health and scrutiny roles are central to tackling local challenges and ensuring that services are operating effectively, working with other health and care system leaders .

This publication sets out opportunities and steps to improving scrutiny’s role ensuring that good governance, engaged public voice and effective scrutiny are vital components of the health and care system. The experience and insights gained from this learning project can be used to influence future ‘inclusive’ discussions around the development of health and social care in England. 

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