Dr Catherine Howe

Dr Catherine Howe is vice-chair of the Centre for Public Scrutiny and is an expert in digital innovation, focusing on the area of digital democracy and social change. She has a background in software development and technology delivery and was CEO of a successful SME, Public-i Group Ltd, before moving to Capita to redevelop Capita’s digital transformation approach. She has worked with new collaborative technologies and social networking tools for over 15 years. Initially developing learning applications, including one of the first eLearning community sites, at the London Business School, she was founder director of Etribes.com – an online community consultancy which specialised in working with large third sector organisations.

She is now Director of Design, Delivery and Change at Cancer Research UK where she is responsible for technology strategy and transformation. Her research interests cover digital civic space, citizenship and systems linking and she is both a Trustee of the Centre for Public Scrutiny and a Governor of the Democratic Society.

Since 2001 Catherine has worked with across the UK and Europe, looking at how new technologies can deliver innovative democracy and engagement solutions for the Networked Society and helping clients understand the strategic and organisational implications of technology and social change. She is currently working on a range of digital leadership programmes. Her research interests cover digital civic space, citizenship and systems linking. Her research focuses on building civic architecture in cyberspace and the implications for democracy of increasing levels of civic participation online. She is a member of the Liberal Democrat party. 

You can find out more on her blog (http://www.curiouscatherine.info), and her linked in profile (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/curiousc)