Posted on 22/05/2020 by Centre for Public Scrutiny.

Creating an independent Scrutiny Board for ENGIE UK

The client and background 

ENGIE UK were keen to introduce an independent governance mechanism to hold them to account for delivery of their new Responsible Business Charter commitments. CfPS was commissioned to design, deliver and support this new governance approach.  

What we did and the impact 

Following confidential research with public sector leaders from local government, housing and education, we designed a new governance mechanism would provide external assurance and tangible business benefits. 

We recommended the creation of an independently chaired Scrutiny Board with a range of experts covering the Charter commitments. It would meet quarterly and publish a publicly available annual report. The Board’s independence is verified by CfPS and we act as the liaison between the Board and ENGIE. We also undertook the Board members’ search and recruitment.

The Board was established in September 2018 and produced its first ENGIE Scrutiny Board Annual Report in January 2020. The reported highlights the achievements made and areas where further progress was needed. ENGIE believes there has been a significant positive impact from the Board’s scrutiny and direct business benefits in areas including review of staff benefits and impact on the fair payment of suppliers.


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