Central to our work is promoting organisational cultures which are open to challenge and scrutiny – this forms an essential bedrock on which governance behaviours, structures and processes become effective.

Consultancy, support and development

Governance and scrutiny must adapt to different organisations and structures. It also needs to continuously improve and respond to change.The demand for our consultancy service continues to grow as organisations across the public and private sectors recognise the need to progress and set higher standards of public assurance and visible accountability.

In local government, one of the principal ways that we do this is through our scrutiny improvement review (SIR).

Our support also includes thinking about how to strengthen governance in the lights of financial demands, and demands relating to service delivery – more detail on the areas where our consultancy can help can be found here.

Our expertise is relied on to provide intensive support for councils experiencing high profile systemic failures. Organisations  commission us to provide comprehensive governance audits and help the implementation of new decision-making systems. Frequently we help resolve governance or scrutiny failures caused by political tensions, following poor inspection results or to manage reputational risk.

We raise skills and standards through training

Integral to our consultancy services, our training and development programmes provide individual or group training sessions for public sector members and officers. These are delivered as in-house sessions or part of our programme of dedicated training courses held throughout the year. Where more intensive support is required we also provide coaching and mentoring packages.

Governance and scrutiny is ultimately about people. CfPS is the leading provider of scrutiny and governance training in the country. Each year we train hundreds of leaders, politicians, public servants and employees. Delivered by expert facilitators, our training is tailored to meet our clients’ needs, improving skills, knowledge and understanding.

Private sector consultancy and development services

As private sector businesses with public facing operations increasing recognise the value and benefits of strong public accountability frameworks, CfPS provides a range of products and services designed to support good practice in developing and maintaining effective governance and scrutiny structures.

In both public and private sectors, we support transformation projects, ensuring that decision making is robust and providing assurance that new systems will improve resilience, raise standards and reduce waste.

Our extensive scrutiny expertise and training capability is readily transferable to our private sector clients who access our training courses and commission our coaching and mentoring programmes, each tailored to individual client requirements.


To find out more about CfPS’s consultancy and training offer please contact Ian Parry on or Tim Gilling on | 020 3866 5100.