Development of Health and Social Care

How is CfPS supporting the development of excellent and accountable health and social care?

Transforming health and social care to meet growing demand, improve outcomes and become more efficient is a priority in every part of the UK.

CfPS works closely with Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Overview and Scrutiny to build better understanding of the change required, build effective working relationships and ensure strong challenge and public engagement in local integration plans.

We support areas across the UK to develop strong governance frameworks and the necessary skills for individuals to hold health and social care services to account.

CfPS develops innovative ways for health providers to engage with patients and the public to support openness and accountability. We deliver a programme on behalf of the Department of Health, Public Health England and the NHS to ensure local scrutiny functions are working effectively with their health partners and vice versa. CfPS supported the implementation of Local HealthWatch and HealthWatch England and host a regular Healthy Accountability Forum which helps local scrutiny leads to jointly tackle health challenges and influence national policy.

CfPS works closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so there is a good working relationship between local CQC inspection teams and their council scrutiny functions.

Written by Tim Gilling | | 01248 256 455

About the Author: Tim Gilling

Tim is a Director at the Centre for Public Scrutiny, leads on health and social care and oversees our work in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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