Good governance and scrutiny

How does CfPS support excellence in governance and scrutiny?

Our mission to promote and support excellence in governance and scrutiny is easy to agree with but much more difficult to achieve. Essential is creating a culture where transparency, involvement and accountability are welcomed and where challenge is seen as an essential and positive part of improving outcomes. The best public service leaders recognise this and promote it in the way they work within and outside their organisations. 

CfPS supports organisations and places to create the right culture, systems, process to make governance and scrutiny work hard to improve outcomes. On behalf of the LGA we provide targeted support to local councils and a national helpline for advice on scrutiny issues. In the current financial climate we also work with a lot of councils and organisations to help them do more with reduced resources and help scrutiny functions to better demonstrate their value.

CfPS increasingly works with a number of other kinds of organisation, including private companies, utilising the lessons of excellence in public sector governance and applying it to other settings. We support private sector companies to be better placed to deliver public service contracts and demonstrate levels of openness and transparency expected from work delivered by tax-payer funding.

We also support individuals to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful scrutineers through our national training days, conferences and bespoke training and development activities.

Written by Ed Hammond | | 01248 256 455

About the Author: Ed Hammond

Ed leads CfPS's work on devolution, transformation and on support to councils and other public bodies on governance and accountability.


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