Local Government

Our expertise 

CfPS leads the conversation on governance and scrutiny in local authorities.  

We have a track record of assisting councils to excel – designing innovative new systems for councillor oversight and putting in place the support and development to make them work. We also help councils suffering from challenges and difficulties to understand how good governance is a way to avoid future failure.  

Our offer 

CfPS can support you to make governance and scrutiny better in your authority. We are a research led organisation with a deep understanding of what works – we translate this insight into practical assistance.  

CfPS can offer: 

  • Specific support to councils as they grapple with the challenge of COVID-19. You can find more information about our support package here.  
  • Support on governance improvement. In particular, we can 
    • Help to support councils wishing to carry out reviews of their governance and constitution by a combination of desktop review of documentation and interviews with key stakeholders. Recently we have been providing this support to councils such as Sutton and Tandridge. More details of the method for this work will be published shortly; 
    • Help to support councils considering a change in governance option (including moves to the committee system). This usually involves working with councillors over a series of workshops to refine and agree an approach. Recently we have provided this support in Warwick.  
  • Support on scrutiny improvement. We offer a “scrutiny improvement review” – an in-person programme to understand the strengths and weaknesses of councils’ scrutiny functions, and to suggest improvements. You can find out more about this here.  
  • Bespoke training and development, coaching and mentoring. CfPS training and support is designed to meet the needs of individual members and councillors; we regularly develop members’ skills on matters relating to chairing, use of information (including financial information), work programming and the drafting of effective recommendations. In some councils, we have longer-term coaching and mentoring relationships. You can find out more about our training offer here.