Quality of Scrutiny programme – supporting Skanska UK, one of the country’s top contractors, to improve project planning and delivery

Posted on March 22, 2018 by Jacqui McKinlay.

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What they needed

To achieve their business goals, Skanska wanted to create a culture that encouraged and supported effective scrutiny. They wanted to give the same profile and priority to identifying business risks as they do to health and safety risks.

What we did

  • Bespoke multi-strand training and coaching programme for company leaders and ongoing rollout to managers
  • Improved data gathering and checkpoints to identify and manage project risk
  • Scalable online support tools
  • Improved meeting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Embedded as part of corporate strategy

To meet Skanska’s needs, the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) convened a project team consisting of BWB Impact and Wyman Associates, bringing together a wealth of expertise in organisational change, impact measurement, coaching and training.

The leadership coaching programme was based on real-time observations and the training utilised the Time to Think methodology. Over 200 people have been trained and a further roll-out for 200 more is planned. Dedicated support was also provided to Business and Operating Unit Directors on effective use of the new processes to reduce project risks and spot opportunities to improve project delivery. This is all backed-up by on-line self-assessment and flexible support materials.

Expert advice and support from CfPS has helped embed Quality of Scrutiny as an integral part of Skanska’s new delivery and business plan.

Impact to date

  • Senior leaders have gained new skills and tools, including time to think techniques which are improving decision making.
  • An evidenced shift in the way that scrutiny is viewed and valued based on feedback from managers.
  • Project gateways are proving a valuable source of insight for operational delivery and monitoring.
  • Training and coaching delivered across the business that is consistently evaluated as good/ excellent.

What they said

“For Skanska to stay ahead, we need all our employees to understand what good scrutiny is and do it well. This means that we need to create the right culture and behaviours, as well as training and processes. This is no quick fix but with CfPS’ support, we are seeing leaders and managers change how they run meetings, interrogate data and work and think differently. Quality of Scrutiny is integral to our future success.”

Greg Craig, President and CEO, Skanska UK

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About the Author: Jacqui McKinlay

Jacqui is Chief Executive of the Centre for Public Scrutiny and oversees CfPS’ work with a wide range of sectors including local government, national government, health and social care, education, the private sector and housing. Jacqui is a strategy, business planning and governance expert, helping organisations to use insight, planning, governance and scrutiny to become more outcome-focused, effective and efficient. She is experienced in leading major organisational change and is an expert facilitator. Email: jacqui.mckinlay@cfps.org.uk Tel: : 020 7187 7362 / 07716 409 562